Getting a financing solution has never been easier!

Have you ever thought of splitting the amount dedicated to your recreational activities so you can enjoy them more and for longer?

We did!

That’s the way we see fun at Loisir Auto Finance.

Our goal: building financing options for your leisure time that won’t leave you a bad taste in the mouth. We are listening to you, your needs, and constantly looking for THE formula that will allow you to have fun in a stress-free, confidential manner.

Loisir Auto Finance provides you with a wide range of financial solutions tailored to your budget and the repayment frequency of your choosing (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). There are so many options, all designed to ensure that you enjoy your free time without compromising your financial security or impeding on your other obligations.

It’s during hardships that you need to relax the most. We acknowledge this fact and that’s why we give you the possibility to enjoy some leisure time now, no matter the current state of your finances. When the banks turn their back on you, Loisir Auto Finance welcomes you with open arms. We know life can be tough and that’s why we choose to trust you, first and foremost, even if we are the only ones.

Our team will find you a more than satisfying solution that takes into account your whole financial position. We highly value the human side of business while looking for your personalized solution. At Loisir Auto Finance, you’re not just a customer or a number, you’re a real person that wants to enjoy his free time like all of us.

We want to meet with you to fix the financial plan you need in order to take full advantage of your weekends or vacations. Forget about your daily troubles and worries. Smile while thinking about your next break!

When it comes to financing, our best guarantee is the trust we place in you.

Loisir Auto Finance, financing options created by consumers for consumers.

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